Choose a tree

Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we love when people are as passionate about giving back to the environment as we are. A special service we are very proud to provide is the option to have a living Christmas tree delivered to your home.

An estimated 50 million households in the U.S. use artificial trees. Although these trees can be reused for years, once they have been thrown away they will never biodegrade. Rick Dungey, the communications director for the National Christmas Tree Association, says, “It’s always better to use a natural product over an artificial one.”

How is a “living” tree different from a “live” tree? A live tree, though festive and beautiful, cannot be replanted back into the earth. A living tree can. We have partnered with Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) to be able to deliver live Christmas trees to your home. When the holidays are over you can keep the tree and plant it yourself or we will pick up your tree and deliver it to our tree planting partners to be planted in your local community.

These top-quality trees are selected from the best farms in the nation and are grown in containers, as opposed to being grown in the ground and then transported to a container. This ensures a root development system that makes transplantation of the trees much more successful.

Living Christmas trees become more popular each year because of their advantages over live trees. They are less flammable than either cut trees or polyvinyl fake trees. Living trees also contribute to positive indoor air quality. Best of all, living trees can provide year-round beauty when replanted into the landscape.

Sam Zamarripa, a former State Senator from Georgia, has been a fan of the Living Tree concept for many years. To help all our eco-conscious friends get into the holiday spirit, Sam wrote the following song “Let’s Go Watch it Grow” which features vocalist Jason Bowen and arranger Eddie Horst.


We’ve already discussed the pros of choosing a living tree over an artificial one. There can’t be more options than that, can there?

Beyond choosing artificial vs. real for your holiday tree, there are more alternatives. With the ecologically conscious behavior of many members of society nowadays, a lot of individuals can’t reconcile with cutting down a tree just for decoration. While doing so is not a bad thing (especially considering that most of the trees that we use are grown with the intent of being cut down for the Christmas season and are subsequently replaced by newly planted trees) there are other options for people who want to avoid cutting down trees.

Decorating your home with a live, potted tree has become increasingly more popular.

As this trend grows, we may even see people keeping the trees in their homes year-round and dubbing them with cute pet names, only to dress them up for the holidays when the winter season rolls around. That may be the quirkiest imaginable outcome for the iconic Christmas tree, but a potted tree has many benefits. You’ll still attain the soothing pine scent that having a live tree brings into your happy home without worrying about damaging a live tree. You won’t have to worry about disposal come January. Instead, many places, Five Star Holiday Décor included, offer re-planting services. In short, the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree you may have become attached to is no longer a one-time use only friend, but you may allow it to thrive and flourish for many holiday seasons to come.

The availability of this service will probably soar as soon as people realize what a functional option it is. As a final note, what better service can we do for our environment than increase the demand for our favorite oxygen supplying vegetation?