We know you’re concerned about our environment, but that you want to create splendid memories with your family and friends while celebrating. That’s why we’ve come up with some creative ways to celebrate Easter and Spring time in a fun, environment-friendly way.

  1. Reuse your plastic Easter eggs and Easter grass – Those little round pieces of plastic are a lot of fun for little ones to hunt for on Easter morning (and they never go bad and start to smell if you don’t find them). They are made of plastic, however, and when thrown away wind up in a landfill somewhere taking up space breaking down into harmful chemicals in the soil. Reusing those eggs for three or four years (or as long as you can) will go along way to making our earth a better place.
  2. Picture Courtesy of Goodhouskeeping.com

    Instead of buying a centerpiece at the store for your Easter feast (which are usually made from synthetic and other harmful materials) try making your own this year! Take a wire basket and put a few uncolored boiled eggs in the bottom. Fill it with your favorite spring flowers and Easter accoutrements, and voila! You have a beautiful centerpiece like the one pictured here.

  3. Consider growing live Easter baskets this year – If you can get a few small pots, some soil, and some grass seed, you can grow the perfect basket-sized live grass for an authentic Easter basket. Filled with eggs and treats, this live basket will create a lasting memory for the recipient.