Five Star Painting, Inc. has been around for about a decade now, providing super snazzy painting services all around the world. We’ve decided to compliment our core offerings, though, and we’re now going to be providing decorating services for the holidays! We’ll be doing the installation, maintaining and even storing the lights for you.

We will also be delivering beautiful, living Christmas trees that will be planted in your local community after the holidays. We can’t really take care of treats; you’re on your own, there. Although, if you want to invite us over once you’ve got those, we’d be happy to head on over to your place for the celebration, too.

Honestly, if it involves exterior holiday decoration, we’ve got it covered. If your holiday plans involve interior decoration, keep your eyes peeled; we’ve got some exciting things in the works.
Mark Knoch, our CEO, is very excited to be heading a company that deals with those special times of the year. Sure, we’re taking care of the dirty work for you, but it’s still all good, professional fun as far as we’re concerned.

Bring on the holidays. We’ll be there for you.