Christmas Light Safety with Professional Installation

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone wants their house to stand out with exquisite Christmas lights. But, there are some safety concerns that you should consider before you try doing it yourself. If you want to make sure that your house is a sight to behold and not a fire hazard, consider hiring a professional to install your Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Safety with Professional Installation

Benefits of Professional Christmas Light Installation

Hire a professional installer who has all the right equipment and training to install your lights safely and effectively. It will save you time and possible complications in the future.

Christmas lighting specialists know the various kinds of lights and materials. They know what you need to install a mega amount of lights and avoid creating a hazard. They also know and how to install strings of lights to illuminate your house. They can do all this in the most beautiful and safe way possible. Getting a competent set of hands to light up your lovely home is important.

Our installation professionals deliver the kind of safe and durable light displays that will withstand winter weather. It is important to hire professional installers to ensure a safe installation. Qualified personnel will have the safety equipment and training to prevent accident and injury,. They know what kind of extension cords to use and how to avoid overloading a circuit to avoid creating a hazard.

It’s a good practice to schedule your Christmas light installation for October or early November. Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our own Christmas light professionals. Holiday lighting specialists get booked fast this time of year. The longer you wait the harder it will be to get an appointment. Secure your spot now by calling 855-578-2755 and make your Christmas lights display a beautiful gift to your community.

The primary benefits of utilizing our services are that we excel at the installation, removal, boxing, and storage of your colorful Christmas lights. And removal and storage are included in the cost of installation.

We can provide quality lighting services for homes, commercial buildings, subdivision entrances, retirement communities, etc.

If you are interested in our help with your lights, give us a call at 855-578-2755. We will be happy to help you!


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During your holiday celebrations, in the midst of the joviality, it might be common for a friend to say, “The roof is on fire!” However, if he’s being literal when he makes such a statement, it suddenly becomes a lot less fun.

A lot of people assume that if the lights they used last year didn’t create any unnecessary friction (except for maybe with your neighbors who were hoping you’d take them down a little bit before the fourth of July), they’ll be good for at least one more year of use. Not so, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. They urge you to thoroughly check your old holiday lights to ensure that there is no fraying or exposed wire.

It’s good to also keep in mind that trees are the next best thing to kindling you probably have in your home.  Make sure to vacuum up all of the dried needles that start piling up around your tree the longer you’ve had it. And while putting live candles might seem like a romantic call back to the original tradition of tree decoration, it’s never a good idea,


Christmas tree on FIRE
This Christmas Tree is blazing

whether or not you are in your home at the time. Electric lights aren’t entirely foolproof: you should never leave your home with lights still on, no matter how cheerful it makes you feel to walk back into your multi-colored home. According the Iowa Department of Public Safety, 48% of all Christmas tree fires are started by faulty lighting and 21% of holiday home fires are started by Christmas trees. It’s probably a good idea to ensure that the lights you’re using are appropriate for the outdoor or indoor use they’re intended for. A UL certification by the independent Underwriters Laboratories, which tests for electric shock and fire prevention couldn’t hurt matters, either.

Although things can obviously go a little bit differently than planned, it’s easy to take the small but necessary precautions to prevent problems. Just a simple check to make sure you’re lights aren’t falling apart could avert unnecessary trauma.